Animal Conservation Reserve Guatemala 03-2012

While hiding inside from todays snowfall I am looking through photos (while updating my event website) from last March during my incredible trip to Guatemala. First venturing to see Guatemala City, then getting to know Antigua with The God’s Child Project, meeting Sandra in the San Andrez Itzoyoa area while volunteers with The God’s Child Project helped her family build a safe home. Finally traveling across the beautiful country to visit the wonderful people and animals at the Animal Conservation Reserve Guatemala.
Visit The God’s Child Project at
and see the whole gallery of photos at


About Nicole Hirsch Photography

I am a graduate from the New England School of Photography in Boston. My specialties are Wedding, Events, and Portraiture. Some of my hobbies include night photography, traveling, and travel photography, building my media skills, and I love taking workshops to build on my knowledge base and have fun exploring.
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